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In the heart of Sicily the town Geraci Siculo arises through high and fertile hills of the Park of Madonie that go down sweetly towards the very beautiful gulf of Cefal├╣. In 1063 the town became a County thanks to Roger I. The great epic of the Counts of Ventimiglia begins in 1252 when Isabella Norman, a member of the royal family of the Emperor Frederick II, got married with Henry Ventimiglia, William Ventimiglia's son, who has followed the Emperor in the island ten years before.
It was just in this territorial context that the Winery Venticolli was settled by the passion and the will of its founder associates.
A new company that found its origins in a productive and trading experience achieved in many years. It is a very fascinating oenologic journey, a love declaration for a Land that is able to express a higt viticulture quality appreciated and famous worldwide.

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