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500 gr of chickpea flour - 1 liter and 1/2 of water - 1/2 tablespoon of salt - pepper - parsley - seed oil


In a liter and a half of cold water, melt 500 gr of chickpea flour, salt and pepper, stirring very well.It may be useful to use a hand whisk to avoid the formation of lumps. Put the pot on the stove and stir for a long time, until the dough has become compact and is detached from the edges of the pot. Add chopped parsley. Remove the pot from the heat and give the dough the shape of panelle, that is rectangular or circular slices about half a centimeter thick. To do this spread a little dough on a flat plate proceeding from the center outwards and taking care to keep the thickness constant. Remove the dough and make 6 or 9 panelle. Continue until the dough is full and then fry the panelle in hot seed oil.

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